Sunday, May 31, 2009

We decided to take a quick family photo...

...but as the rule goes, those quickie photos never seem to be very easy. Braden set up the tripod very carefully while I stood against the wall for placement and Kohen tried to unclip the tripod legs. Then after much effort of getting Kohen away from the camera (I'm starting to over heat at this point, and Kohen is no longer in a good mood) we stand there saying 'cheese' only to discover that our remote button doesn't seem to be working. So Braden runs back and forth trying to get the ten second timer to go and I get hotter and hotter holding a squirmy Kohen. The whole picture scenario started because Kohen was looking so darn cute for church. He even had a tie on under his sweater vest and Braden had put jell in his hair to make it lay just so. Of course after all this none of us looks quite fresh and I'm desperate to get to church to claim a padded bench seat rather than the folding chairs in the back. This was the only picture to turn out after all the effort...and I had to sit on the hard metal chairs anyway! Curses! I'll be content from here on out to just leave you all with partial family pictures. There is just no reason to try so hard to get all of us in one frame.


  1. but at least you look pretty!! :) Sorry about the hard folding chairs...

  2. That is an adorable family picture. You look super cute.

  3. Next time, bring the camera to church and have somebody get your picture outside. Too bad you went to all that effort and now the picture's obsolete! Congrats on the newbie!