Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

I know Memorial Day weekend isn't exactly over yet...but Monday I'm cracking the whip and we are going to get the baby room painted, the garage cleaned and the garden put in. Oh, and possibly have a BBQ :-) I'm not THAT mean of a task master!
So! We had big plans to camp Thursday and Friday night at Eklutna lake but when Braden rushed out thursday after work to reserve us a campsite...they were FULL!! (Since when did memorial day weekend start on wednesday people?! Don't you have jobs??) He raced back into Eagle River and begged for one of three remaining spots at the Eagle River campground. It turned out the campsite was actually in their group area on an enormous field. Kohen was quite tickled with it however because it was the place he camped last weekend with Daddy for the father-son campout. He knew where all the good play spots were and it was full of rocks. As you can see from the slide show...rock collecting and rock throwing were the highlights of his weekend. I was less than tickled about the site because it had the same view of highland mt. as our backyard and the water/toilet facilities were too far away for me to attempt to get to. Braden saved the day though. He set up our 'emergency' tent which kept our spot reserved during the day and also became a bathroom facility...yes we are the proud owners of a portable camp toilet. I won't go into too much detail but lets say this is definitely my prefered method is quite sanitary and compared to the typical over-used, under-cleaned, bug infested, hold your breath because of the reek, was a JOY to use. Anyways, enough about the toilet.
All in all, it turned out to be a very good thing we were camping close to home. Braden ended up having to work Friday so we just drove home that morning and drove back when he finished up. It also became apparent that I wasn't going to get more than 6 hours of sleep at a time so I bagged our Friday night overnighter and we slept in the luxury of our beds that night. (nothing against the auto home, my hips just can't take anything except the softest mattress right now). We spent Saturday at Eklutna Lake playing in a field of mud and rocks that Kohen couldn't get enough of and then did a bit of mountain biking. We didn't do much...Braden's doctor had specifically told him his achilles tendon was to do no more than road biking and I was pretty sure I'd have gone into labor if we had hit any more hills or bumps.
It was very fun and the weather has been beautiful! We are really enjoying the summer so far!


  1. The car tent looks so cool! How is the business going? Maybe camping with them drums up some business? Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Mateo gave the biggest smile to Kohen when he saw the picture of him smiling below. I think he misses his cousin!

  2. You are a real trooper camping when you are expecting! My hips hurt at that stage too. Guess we are related. Love the pictures of the campground. I had to laugh about the mountain looking the same from your backyard. How many people can say that?