Monday, May 18, 2009

My last birthday of the twenties!

It was a fun birthday with my boys! We played outside all day and then had a picnic at the park for dinner when Braden got home. (It was almost 70 degrees today and you just can't be inside on a day like that). I had a cold stone ice cream cake (chocolate peanut butter...delicious!), and then we all jumped in the hot tub for a quick dip (don't worry...I keep the temperature at bathwater level so Kohen and I can soak safely). Thanks Mom for the pretty skirt! Braden and Kohen picked out a cool i pod speaker for me so I can play primary songs for my sunbeam class when they need to unwind a bit. Kohen was very enthralled with the big red gift had a picture of a cake covered in burning candles and a button that when you pushed it played a fire engine siren. Very cute.


  1. I love the careful placement of the skirt! I can't believe you are still teaching sunbeams when you are about to have a baby. You are more patient than me and probably more flexible. :)

  2. that is a great skirt! nice and elastic! I need one of those. :P You are so cute. That is a great idea for those sunbeams!! So creative and ... USEFUL. :D

  3. Hey sorry I missed your birthday. I guess a Happy Birthday 2 days late isn't so bad. You have a great family. Kohen is the cutest kid. I am glad you enjoyed your special day.