Monday, May 18, 2009

The Father Son Campout

As you can see, Kohen had a wonderful time! It was his first night away from Mommy...a good trial run before July I suppose. He ate hot dogs and marshmallows (which he calls 'marshpillows'). He and Braden slept in the rooftop tent atop of the Camry and weathered out a few good down pours. It was a cold night too (I think it got down to freezing...or close to it). Kohen was very dirty and proud of himself when he got home the next day. He can't wait for his next camping trip.
The bottom picture is of the tent set up on the camry. It created quite a flurry
of interest as you can imagine.
Especially when everyone else was
ringing out their soggy tents and Braden just
cranked his down and drove away.


  1. Wow, I can see now why that might be a good investment for the Alaskan camper. The pictures of Kohen are adorable - he looks so delighted with camping. Glee is all over his little face!

  2. i would feel SO safe in one of those tents!! Such a great thing to have. Kohen is sure cute. Looks like a blast for camping. Just cold!