Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is it May already!!?!

Actually that is a very good thing! The snow is gone, the leaves are popping out, and our grass is starting to turn green! I think we have officially become the 'weird' family of the circle, what with our rooftop tents and our robot lawn mower...and a dog that most of the neighborhood kids are convinced is a sheep.
As a side note about the rooftop tents (I became aware recently that most of our family/friends had no idea what we were doing with them), Braden sells them in Alaska. They are a very cool alternative to tent camping or RV camping. The picture shows them popped up but they fold down flat for driving. They are super comfortable and I am even going camping over the memorial day weekend...33 weeks pregnant (I can't remember exactly). Crazy? Probably in the long run. The only questionable part will be whether or not I can navigate the ladder to get up on top of the Sequoia. Should make for some fun pictures. Stay tuned!


  1. HA! You'll have to tell me all about it. Does it just keep you safer from bears or something? I'm interested. :oP Mark and I are going to try to go camping when we get back. I'm excited! But I'll be packing extra padding. Good luck!

  2. I like the idea of being away from the bears, but do they come with an elevator? What happens if you need the bathroom in the middle of the night? Maybe these are meant for you young people. It is better than being attacked by a bear! Mom

  3. I am also wondering about the bathroom question. I thought you just had it on top of the car for transport and then took it off at the campsite already made up?