Sunday, March 1, 2009

For those who wonder why there are no pictures of me...

So, I figured I would have to rename our blog to Adventures of the Galloway boys if I didn't start attempting to put in some pictures of me. But as is the typical problem for most of us...we are the ones taking all the pictures. I told Braden I needed some pictures of me. So he obligingly started grabbing the camera at less than ideal we have some rather unusual shots of me, I think. The above picture was taken this morning during my first 'how to use the snow blower' lesson. I may look happy, but it didn't last. I ended up breaking the handle screw peg off and probably running over it. Don't worry, it just topped off my morning of breaking the printer (trying to print my sunbeam handout), Kohen emptying a bottle of garlic/tomato/basil spice on the floor only to have me discover I had inadvertently clogged the vacuum to the point of uselessness the LAST time i had cleaned up his mess (and from the looks of the vacuum internals...that mess was the time Kohen emptied the paper shredder in my room). If only the picture below was of the nap I needed today. Alas, it was yesterdays nap, and thank you Braden for catching us sleeping with Kohen's finger up my nose...or at least close to it. We were both pretty tuckered out.
So anyways, for those who wondered where I was in my blog. Now you know. I'm hiding from the camera from here on out. Besides when you are putting on a pound a week (and that is being conservative), you don't exactly look for photo ops. Expect great pictures...oh around next September :0)


  1. I'm on! You look so comfy. I think naps are the best thing for the Galloway mom right now. We are still snowing here, not sticking just snowing...and hailing...and raining...every day.

  2. I take naps with Katie's finger up my nose too. Yet another thing we have in common - except I'm not gaining a pound a week :) Don't worry, you work out like no one I've ever met. You are in great shape! Love your blog.

  3. ha hA!! You look great. And don't delete the pictures. :oP Don't you loooove husband's attempts to snap pictures of you? So frustrating. And that day you described sounds awful. Yet I never see you not smiling. I'm impressed!