Monday, March 30, 2009

March update

I just realized that I haven't posted in almost a month! Shame on me!
Braden is now off crutches (hurray!) and wearing his new bionic-superman-boot (I will post a picture of that later). He is weight bearing on that foot and walks with a cane. Not just any cane. A fancy dancy REI cane (the old man cane I offered to buy him from the pharmacy just wasn't going to fit his personality). At least this cane is height adjustable and will double as a hiking pole for later. Right now its second use it to turn the lights out at night when no one wants to get out of bed to reach the switch. What would I do without it. I think it might also be useful for beating down intruders in the middle of the night...but we haven't tested that out yet. Braden also started physical therapy this week and is making excellent progress! We are expecting him to be in his boot for another month.
Mt. Redoubt continues to spew ash all over Alaska. We have only seen small dustings here but it is wreaking havoc on the airlines trying to fly into and out of Alaska. Last time this volcano went off it blew periodically for 6 months. Oh joy. Maybe I will have a very fertile garden this year.

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  1. we're hoping for 'ground fertility' as well. Do you garden?? If so, I've got loads of questions! :o)