Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Boys and their Boots

Braden now has a wonderful 'darth vader' boot to keep his foot stabilized. It will morph into a walking boot by April but for now...crutches only! Kohen, who previously despised his boots, now requests that he wear them and loves to talk about 'daddy's boot'. Ha! To prove my point, Kohen just walked up to me carrying his boot and requested I put it on. Just one boot. It's cool to be like daddy. :-)


  1. Beautiful scenery in your own backyard. I really like the snow day video. Glad to hear that Braden is able to get around a little now. What a terrible injury!

  2. oh that's so cute! I wish I could hear Kohen talk more often. I was shocked when he said something yesterday. I had no idea he SPOKE!