Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kohen's first OFFICIAL haircut

Ever since Kohen became a toddler, he has decided that haircuts are for ninnys. He used to be so cooperative during haircuts but for the past month he has gotten shaggier and shaggier and all our attempts at distraction failed. He just wouldn't hold still. We also failed at cutting his hair while he was sleeping...so for those of you who saw Kohen and wondered why the hair on his right side was shorter...that's why.
Well, my wonderful friend Hannah (who is a pharmacy tech but moonlights as a hair dresser) made a house call last week. I got my hair done and then Kohen got plopped in the chair and before he knew what hit him...he had been shaved. I think Bear was loving the irony of the whole thing. (How many times has Bear been on the shaving table only to have Kohen waltz by eating delicous crackers that Bear can't get at). Although in this case, Bear didn't get any treats.

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  1. Congratulations on the first haircut! I love that you tried to cut it while he was asleep. I've tried the same thing. Sneaking around with scissors always results in a half-sided look for us too.