Saturday, January 31, 2009

Braden retires from Church Basketball

At the ripe old age of 32 Braden has discovered he just isn't young enough to play church ball anymore. Thursday night he ruptured his achilles tendon during practice for the big game on Saturday. We spent friday running to and frow getting to his doctor appointments. He will have surgery to repair the tendon on monday afternoon. Kohen was very impressed with his cast and crutches. He is enjoying the fact that now HE is faster than daddy at getting up and down stairs.
Unfortunately with his right foot in a monster cast for the next...oh 6 weeks? I am going to be the new family chaffeur and caregiver. How quickly the roles reverse around here!


  1. We were glad to hear that the surgery went well. So sorry to hear about the basketball accident.

  2. We hope things are improving quickly for you guys! Glad to hear Kohen is enjoying his father's gimpiness. Sorry about the accident, though. : ( Rob realized several months ago that he also is too old for church basketball. He was spared the injury, though. He just gets too winded and sweaty.