Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween night!

I have to say, getting ready for trick-or-treating (trunk-or-treating in this case) is quite an ordeal. I was sweating and out of breath by the end of pulling on all the snow gear and then wrestling the costumes on OVER all that. Kohen was very smart to choose his frog costume to wear trick-or-treating. I could fit all sorts of warm clothes underneath and of course Evelyn didn't mind what she wore as long as it was a princess dress on the outside. They both got a load of candy at the trunk-or-treat and I had a suprisingly good time handing out candy. Abigail slept through the whole thing in her car seat...but for the record, she was in costume too! She had a glow in the dark skeleton onesy, pink of course! I gave away every last morsel of candy but I still think we brought home more than we showed up with. Oh well. Happy Halloween!

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