Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The aftermath...

I think the post trick-or-treating candy sort is one of the finest Halloween traditions. Kohen followed in the footsteps of his Daddy by not gorging himself and carefully sorting all the different types of treats. He'd pick his favorites, eat a few, admire a few. He was most happy about this long stick of licorice and most disapointed that no one gave him juice this year. (Last year he got a bottle of sunny-D). Evelyn promptly fell asleep and nearly missed the whole ritual. She woke up when we tried to peal off her costume and then amazed us with her ability to stuff as much candy down her pie hole as she could while unwrapping even more candy faster than we could take it away. I don't think she had a particular favorite...I'm not sure she took the time to taste anything, but she did seem to like the box of dots. Oh and the sweet tarts in the shapes of bones and skulls, Go figure. I was disspointed in the haul simply because there seemed to be a butterfinger famine going on.

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