Sunday, October 30, 2011


We have officially started our winter season. Kohen and Evelyn are super excited for the snow. I think Evelyn doesn't really remember last winter and Kohen is just thrilled to wear all his new snow gear. Our first sledding adventure out in the neighborhood was a success. Kohen tried out all the hills near our house and Evelyn tried to eat as much snow as possible before I could pin her down and stop the feast. I'm afraid she wasn't distinguishing between good clean fresh snow, and snow in the road, snow on rocks...yellow snow (oh please not that!)

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  1. That reminds me of one of our outings to the beach this summer. While the others were swimming Baby R was trying to pull out blades of grass to chew. Later a friend's daughter was snacking on cucumber. When I looked down R had something in her mouth; sure enough, it was a piece of cucumber. But I noticed there she still had something in her mouth, a piece of pretzel-- none of us were eating pretzels. After removing it, there was still something in her mouth. I reached in and pulled out-- a cigarette butt. BLECKH! She must have found it hiding under the blades of grass.