Sunday, October 30, 2011

Abigail went to church today for the first time! It was her big debut! It was also the primary program and Kohen was singing so i really wanted to be there. He did amazing! He marched right up with all the other sunbeams and sang his songs, smiled a bunch and looked completely comfortable in front of everyone. Incredible really, for those who know Kohen. I took Abigail home after sacrament meeting but then got a call from Braden to return for the kids because Evelyn had pooped her pants in nursery (I had of course taken all the diapers with me) and Kohen flatly refused to attend primary. I mention all this because the high drama and adventure that is Kohen and Evelyn is in such contrast to quiet little Abigail who loves to lazily dream away in the swing...regardless of what hubub is occuring around her. I do keep reminding myself that at three weeks of age, this might be a passing phase as well. She will probably join the fray in a month or two. But I am definitly enjoying her mellow content little personality for now.


  1. Wow, had no idea you were expecting, but she is adorable. Congratulations! I guess I am slacking on keeping in contact, what a shocker.