Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ahh, Moose!

It is a well known fact that much of our family doesn't believe we have moose running wild through our neighborhood because whenever they visit...they see NO wildlife. So, mom and dad and Evie, these pictures are for you!
Kohen and I were visiting a friend down the road a bit when the moose decided to eat their apple tree. (We were already in the house by then). I had left Evelyn home with Braden and told him I was going to be 'right back'. But after two hours of hanging around I needed to get home to nurse Evelyn and the moose were still WAAAAAYYY to close to my car! I'm glad to report that I was very brave and got in through the passenger side despite the fact that the mother moose was giving me the evil eye (see middle photo) and boy, let me tell you...I've seen THAT look before. Her babies must have been old enough that she didn't feel like we were too much of a threat. I think it was good therapy for me. Kohen was thrilled of course with the whole thing. He loves moose.


  1. Yup, you are crazy. I like my moose on Nature, or that new national park series on PBS. Did you get my email Lucy? I am making prints of my paintings. Talk to you soon.

  2. oh my heck. those moose are WAY too close. I recognize that house too. :P Did Pula go crazy? Glad you guys got to your car safely!!