Friday, August 21, 2009

Look at those Cheeks!

Evelyn is the cutest little roly-poly!
She has really been filling out the last couple weeks, and she even slept a whopping 6 hour stretch (once)...I felt like a new woman the next day. Ahh, what a little bit of sleep can do for me!


  1. that is fantastic!! Mont surprised us and slept 6 hours today after our walk and I was SHOCKED! why can't he do that at night?! ha ha!

  2. Congrats on that beautiful baby girl!!! She weighed exactly the same as our #2, Addy, and she was also my first successful vbac (we're 3 successes in now). We have so much in common, it's like we used to live together or something! One of these days I will get my act together and get a blog started! Did you hear Becky is getting married in November?!?!