Sunday, August 1, 2010

Update on US

WOw, I haven't blogged in forever! I can't believe what I've missed writing about and the pictures I haven't posted. I will try and get around to putting the cute ones online. My computer contracted a deadly virus and had to be put down (especially after it sent my parents bogus emails with porn links), so I have been without a real computer to use for awhile. I have posted some picture of our latest summer camping adventure to Halibut Cove as well as some birthday pictures of Kohen turning three. I will have to back track a bit to get Evelyn's one year pictures on. I was looking at the pictures I have posted of her and she is so much bigger now than any of you have seen yet! She is walking (as of yesterday), talking (okay maybe like 7 words), and chomping food with gusto (using all 8 of her teeth with great enjoyment). So I resolve to not let a little computer malfunctioning get in the way of my blog! I will try and post more regularly! I will post my summer photos so you can see them! I am also trying to not eat sugary things but Kohen's chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting was just too much to abstain from. I ate it :-) and it was delicious.
Happy August everyone!


  1. I get to make a chocolate cake tonight for Ian's birthday tomorrow! They grow up so stinkin fast. Your kids are cute!

  2. You ate the cake...oh no!!! Just kidding!! I think of you every time im chomping on my sweets. You gotta give in sometimes I guess!! Your kids are adorable

  3. It's amazing how fast time flies between blog posts. We like your posts and pictures! We're so jealous of your Alaska summer vacation. It's sweltering here in Kansas. But at least we have mosquitoes and wasps to make up for it. ;)