Friday, April 16, 2010


Easter was a bit wild for us this year. Actually all of 2010 has been going at a whirlwind pace. I had big plans for Easter activities this year but at the last minute Braden ended up going in for hernia surgery. We did get some egg painting in though. Kohen loved it! Although he refuses to eat hard boiled eggs. I can't be too surprised, it is high on my list of 'most disgusting foods ever'. I've tried really hard to never go on about my egg aversion and I thought I was doing pretty good because he loves scrambled eggs. But a hard boiled egg is just too much over the top egg-ness. We enjoyed listening to Church Conference on BYU TV and just laying around the house. Braden has been recovering really well, considering all the activities he has undertaken since the surgery (Alaska Outdoorsman Show to sell Autohome rooftop tents). Crazy, crazy, crazy. I'd post pictures of that if I'd had the energy to take any. I didn't.


  1. Cute hair, Lucy! Do you blow-dry or straighten it? And such cute little kids. Maybe we'll get to meet them someday!

  2. They are too cute. I actually like hard boiled eggs!

  3. Hurray! A new blog post! We aren't getting enough pictures of Evelyn and Kohen Lucy!!! They are soooo cute. Hope you have a great birthday this week. Cute shirt. You look like fashion mom in your picture.