Sunday, July 26, 2009

my poor neglected garden...

My garden has been fending for itself this year...luckily Grandma arrived just in time to harvest the strawberries and radishes. We shall see if the squash and zuchini ever kick in. I suppose I should water them now and then :-)


  1. I was just thinking about your garden today while I was driving home from church. I was thinking about that preparation night when we learned all about Alaskan growing seasons and stuff. Your garden looks amazing and HUGE! :D Even if it's been neglected 'a bit,' I wouldn't be able to tell!!

  2. Did the house come with the raised garden beds? It looks like an awesome setup! Rob has about 1.5 square feet that he used last year to plant some tomatoes, but this year we didn't even get that far... I think gardening capability decreases directly in proportion to number of children increasing.